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This beautiful bay, otherwise named l'Almadraba - or Canyelles Grosses, gained its name from the large tunny fishing nets ("Almadraves") which were used from the beach there. It is probably the most elegant of the seven Roses beach, and is certainly our favourite!

The beach is 600 yards long, and like Canyelles Petites, the sand is fine and the water is clear and shallow.Almadraba beach

There is good free parking, within minutes from the beach, although in August a slightly longer stroll may be required.

L'Almadrava beachL'Almadrava can be reached by road or by a picturesque 20 minute walk along the coastal path. This starts at the eastern end of Canyelles Petites, around the Bonifaci Point headland and between the Vista Bella Hotel (the Costa Brava's only 5 star hotel) and their excellent bar, Le Pirat, which is on the rocks by the water's edge. The only distraction here is the occasional arrival of large private boats arriving at their jetty for the Hotel. There is also a small beach by the bar which contrary to appearances is freely open to all. There are no private beaches in Spain.

L'Almadrava itself has three beach bars plus the Santa Lucia which has an excellent restaurant with beach-side bar. Wherever you are staying in the Roses area, Almadrava beach should be on your lists of visits!

During summer weekends a trio usually plays mellow jazz under the palm trees on the beach in front of the Santa Lucia.

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